Analyzing The Best Treatments For Vitiligo

Vitiligo, what many can call the whitening disease causes your skin to develop white patches. Vitiligo and stress can lead explain how a patients body loose there pigmentation to  develop these patches

The causative agent of the disease is not clearly understood but trustable sources propose that it could emanate from stress, it could be genetic or it could be even a viral disease.

One of the studies that have been carried out has suggested that stress can actually lead to the disease. Though it might seem to many that the disease is caused by stress but the truth might be different.

According to the study stress could only worsen the state of vitiligo but the disease is believed to be caused by unavoidable and events that can’t be managed. The best treatment for vitiligo varies from patient to patient and natural remedies for this skin condition is not always the best option. Lack of social support is actually what majored in the research as what could lead to it .

The inability to cope with stress coming from the above factors will now lead to the disease.


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